It’s been a rough week – and it’s only Tuesday. 

Our crazy little terrier, Wilson -who is quite dear to us- nibbled on a poisonous plant.  This necessitated a $60.00 phone visit to pet poison control and a $95.00 middle-of-the-night trip to the emergency vet. 

It gets better . . .

When he got to the vet at 2:00 in the morning, he miraculously recovered. 

  Just like that.     

I suppose it could have been much worse.  He could have waited until after they started an IV and did blood tests.   It’s a good thing we love him. 

Seriously, we thought we might lose him, so we were overjoyed when he rallied and pulled through.  While he was “in recovery,” Dana made him some white rice with a little chicken broth – he was very hungry after his ordeal and loved it.  He also loved all the attention. 



Backing up . . .

When Dana & I first moved to California, I decided he needed a pet.  I found out later that he had lost a very dear dog and, after such a grievous loss, he had switched to fish. 


I started watching the ads for a dog and researching different breeds.  When I saw a Rat Terrier ad, I looked them up and read about their funny habits.  I was intrigued enough to go see these puppies.  I talked Dana into a road trip just to look at some puppies. 

Right . . . who did I think I was kidding?? 

When we got to the breeder’s house, I sat on the floor and watched these adorable freckled puppies wrestling and tumbling while the sweet little mother dog tended to them.  I was smitten.   The only dilemma was deciding which one to take home.  We picked the little guy with the best freckles and sweet eyes. 


All the way home we brainstormed to find a name that fit our new puppy.  When Dana came up with Wilson, we both just grinned.  He was the poster puppy for a Wilson soccer ball.  A side note here:  Don’t you just LOVE puppy breath?

 Pool Dana & Wilson01◊◊◊

Little Wilson was quite a handful – very smart and energetic.  As long as he got some running out of his system, he was fine.  He and Dana would go swimming every day and had all sorts of funny pool races and games.  I’d come home from work and hear splashing, laughing and barking . . .they are still quite a pair when it’s play time. 




DSCN0118 (2)



We worried about how Wilson would fare when we moved to Montana, but he’s tough.   He’s so high energy that he can take a fair amount of cold weather.  We didn’t have a fence because folks here like the “open range” look, so he had acres to roam.



His first “city-dog-goes-to-the-country” lesson was with the neighbor’s horses.  I watched him climb under their fence, put his butt in the air and give them little playful barks to get them to chase. Umm, yeah, horses love that.  Before we could react, a horse kicked him square in the chest and he FLEW backward.  When he landed, he scooted right out of their pasture.  “Horse” was not a fun game to play.   

Neither was “skunk”, but he played that one twice to make sure. 

100_0086He met his match with the UPS truck.  How he kept his right leg, we’ll never know.  But he did.  Only now it has naked patches with a poor little damaged foot.  Instead of learning his lesson about traffic, it just made traffic more annoying to him.  Dana built a little fence a couple of months ago before it happened again.  


And now he eats poison plants.  I’m going to have to replace his nibbling tree since the last one finally gave out.  Maybe I’ll plant a big pot of grass for him with a little catnip added in for his little sister, Purl.  


I knew Dana needed a dog.  🙂