The little gingerbread guy is dancing - I was too!

I can’t believe I got a Le Creuset French oven  (a very big Christmas surprise)  from my daughter!   I don’t know how I ever cooked without one.  The first thing I wanted to prepare in my fabulous new vessel was a pot roast.  This is a food from my childhood that I haven’t made in a long time and never in a French oven;  I turned to a pro with country food, Ree Drummond,  to brush up on technique.  I’m not posting a recipe because it’s pretty basic stuff.   I just wanted to share my first Le Creuset experience. 

I mostly followed Ree’s directions, but there wasn’t anything in her recipe about clearing the snow off the garden to find some thyme.  I felt like a pioneer woman myself after that.   



Luckily, my kitchen rosemary was a little more convenient   


Ree said to brown the veggies a bit before searing the meat – the fragrance was divine . . . 



Next, season the roast with Kosher salt and cracked pepper then brown it on all sides.  Again with the heavenly aroma . . . 


After everything is browned, add the veggies back, tuck the rosemary and thyme into the veggies then cover it with beef broth.  I LOVED putting the heavy pot in the oven to slow cook all afternoon.  The house smelled like Sunday dinners from my childhood and I couldn’t wait to try it.  


Now this is comfort food deluxe!   


I’ve had so much fun with my new Le Creuset (hate to be a name dropper, but I just can’t help it).  Since getting it, I’ve also made a brothy pork stew and a great batch of chicken noodle soup.   I’ve so enjoyed cooking the old standards in the shiny new French oven.  Thank you so very much, Jessi.  I love the new addition to my cookware!