We were invited by old friends to a Christmas Eve potluck dinner party a few miles down the road.  I prepared some party food, grabbed a bottle of wine and we were off! 

When we turned off the highway, this was our view: 

Pretty impressive, right?  This is straight out of the camera – you just can’t improve on wonders like this. 


We continued on and stopped on the little bridge to snap this photo of the creek.  Amazing colors last night.


A few moments later, we pulled up at their house and before I could even say hello I was snapping this shot before the last light faded away.  Can you even imagine a wall of windows looking out at this river every evening? 


The party was a warm and wonderful gathering of old and new friends – folks without family gatherings to attend.  It was an amazing, spirit filling night.  The warmth of Christmas was everywhere and the evening included great food, wine and song!  Two of the guests began playing the most wonderful Celtic music.  He is a professional musician, she is a sought after veterinarian by day and delightful musician by night. 

I cannot remember the name of this instrument, but she was very talented with her playing and singing.  Baskets of percussion instruments were passed around and I did my best to play the “cheese grater.”   I also did a bit of singing. 

This was a fun, fun night that I will always remember.   For a Christmas without any of my kids or relatives in town, it turned out to be so special.   Our hosts for the evening were warm and gracious and everyone felt the spirit.  

Merry Christmas from Montana!  ♥