So . . . late yesterday morning, I’m still in my pajamas making some appetizers for my dinner guests that evening and my phone rang.  Michelle had a hint of mischief in her voice as she gingerly asked me to come with her to the annual Polar Bear Plunge at the Raven.  There was no way I could do this, right?  I mean, I had a party to prepare for, RIGHT?  That’s what was going through my mind, as I heard my mouth say that I would go if we could leave right after.  I made no commitment to plunge, just to go with her for moral support and photos.  Meanwhile, my subconscious self was already brainstorming about where my swimsuits were stored for the winter and figuring out what to use for water shoes since my lake shoes were stored in the boat under the tarp.  I talked to Patty, my dinner guest, who founded the original Polar Bear Plunge many years ago and she was supportive and excited.  She said to call when I got back.  It was on.  I was terrified, but I was going in. 

This was the board at the sign up table.  I understand that this was pretty mild.  There are years when the wind blows up huge waves and years with ice floes and sub-zero temps.  Lucky me! 

Pre plunge.  See the snow on the rocks?

We’re hugging in anticipation  . . . and to keep warm.

Search & Rescue go out first – gulp!

The kayak contingency gathered and the reporters waited.

The rain made the lens cloud, but here’s the kind of crowd we were in.  Hats are encouraged – next year I will know this.

Going in!  We were holding hands until bikini girl played Red Rover and broke through!


Yeah, we did it!

I’m not sure what the official count was, but I would estimate around 100 went in and there were so many observers.  The Raven was open and serving, the crowd was in high spirits.   

I’ve always wondered about the sanity of people who do this sort of thing.  Now I understand the allure.  It’s fun to be a part of something outrageous!  Now and forevermore I will be able to say I did it!  I have proof – I bought the t-shirt. 

When my guests arrived for dinner, they presented me with this little guy to commemorate my first plunge.  Pattie told me it was given to her for the same reason.