I am on vacation this week – caring for my 5-year-old grandson while my daughter is out of the country.  We’re having a jolly time, and he’s kept Grandma entertained with his wise revelations.  I’m taking a quick break before driving carpool and using this time to let the egg noodles dry for tonight’s soup.   When I’m at home, I use my  Kitchenaid with it’s handy dough hook and then roll the noodle dough through my pasta rollers to make it perfectly thin.  Today I had to improvise and do it the way I did when the kids were little.   All you need is 1 cup flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 whole egg and little water or milk to thin the dough if necessary.

Make a well in the flour / salt and crack the egg into it- blend with a fork or your fingers.

Mix into a firm dough - add a little milk if necessary to make it stick together

Roll on a floured surface to desired thin-ness

Loosely roll and slice jelly-roll style

Unroll and space evenly to dry a few hours before adding to your favorite chicken soup

This has been the best week.  The first morning I awoke to him crawling into bed with me to snuggle.  He quietly said, “I like your smell.”    My heart melted.

Before leaving, my daughter lined me up with maps, schedules and directions.  Hearing all this,  he assured me that, “If you have me in the car and you get lost, you’re GOLDEN!  I have great directions.”  Sure enough, he’s been leading me around all week.

His favorite breakfast (by that, I mean every single morning since I got here) is “dippy” eggs.  These are eggs cooked over-medium with two slices of toast to dip into the yolks.  I absolutely SUCK at egg cooking – can’t seem to keep from breaking the yolk when I flip them.   Luckily, I sent my daughter a couple of silicone egg poachers a few months ago after my friend Lea Ann posted a wonderful recipe featuring these amazing little gadgets over at her blog,  Mangos Chili & Z.  If you haven’t read her blog yet, please check it out.  LA and I have been friends since the seventies and she’s the reason I blog.   Back to my story . . . I found the unused Pods in the kitchen drawer. I’m sure he liked the way Mom did them better than my inept way, so he was excited to give them a try.  When he saw that they produce eggs with the perfect ‘dippiness’ he exclaimed, “These make MAD dippy eggs!  And by mad I mean good, Grandma.”

Adding a pinch of pepper to his eggs - I adore his morning hairdo

I could go onandonandon . . . comes with the territory.