I went to Costco last week and had a bout of temporary insanity in the fresh veggie department.  That was the only way to account for the contents of my trunk when Mr. H starting pulling out the bags and boxes full of this bounty . . .

10 POUNDS of potatoes?  Seriously?? 
We barely eat 10 potatoes in a month!


A large box of Campari tomatoes because they are the foodie’s favorite –
says so right on the label.


Half a dozen sweet red bells because they’re “the perfect addition”
to just about everything. Sucker for label advertising?  Moi?
I honestly don’t know what got into me with this colossal bag o’ broccoli.
I  called it on day 3 of the madness . . . 
blanched them, froze them,  then breathed a sigh of relief
Four of these were a snap to use up – they are superb this time of year.
An absolutely beautiful live lettuce assortment added to the heap o’ veggies!
The week started out strong as I diligently planned ways to use the veggie booty before we started growing tired of all the bunny food.   We had lots of salads, of course, and some creative pasta sauces – not much to blog about.  But I did make a couple of “share-able” dishes.  The first one being a delicious potato salad.  I am embarrassed to admit that I had never made a potato salad because frankly, I don’t like potato salad with all that egg and relish business.  But then Lea Ann at Mangos Chili & Z  posted her famous recipe and I remembered how she raved about it years ago when she discovered it.   I gave it a try with a couple of minor tweaks.  Mr. H doesn’t like green olives, so I used black, and of course I added some diced red pepper because that’s “the perfect addition” to almost anything . . . it worked nicely in this salad.   Readers, I am HOOKED on this potato salad.  You must try her crazy-good  recipe!
Oh, I forgot to mention the big bag of avocados.   We used them for all sorts of things like quesadillas and salads, but my favorites were these beautiful little “sandwiches” (for lack of a better name) that I tasted once in Mexico.  Simple and delicious – the chewy bread is the key.  We used the Costo demi-baguettes and the texture was perfect!  Just toast them lightly, drizzle a little olive oil over the bread before topping with slices of avocado.  Mash the avocado gently into the bread, then squish a wedge of lime over all.  Finish with a sprinkle of your favorite salt and a grind of pepper.  Perfection!