It’s not like me to post twice in one week, but it’s Easter and I’m feeling all feisty.   I’m not starting a new trend or anything, okay?

On Easter weekend, I was going to take my egg-challenged self into the kitchen and finally learn to fry a decent egg.  With that in mind, I went to Costco yesterday and bought a large carton of eggs for the great eggsperiment. (groan) 

Somewhere between then and today,  my plan changed.  Instead, I wanted to make a fancy breakfast for Easter since we’d opted out of making a lavish holiday meal for just the two of us.  I decided to be adventurous and learn something new – two somethings actually –  poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.   When I researched, this method is the one that got my attention.  It’s from the video recipe blog, “Food Wishes” which I had not seen, but will be following now.  Check it out and be sure to  watch the welcome video!   Chef John’s method of preparing Hollandaise is different from any I’ve seen before  (much easier) and by golly, it works!  Check out the video and do try this at home!  Hollandaise 101 – Can a sauce really sense fear?  A side note:  I was nervous when I got the butter incorporated into the sauce it was a little thin, but I used his method of heating the bowl and whisking until it was PERFECT and ohmygosh good.  

I used this perfect sauce to top my first ever poached eggs and some delicious asparagus spears.  The side sausage was a simmered link of Aidelle’s chicken sausage – today’s flavor was Habanero with Monterrey Jack Cheese, but all of their flavors are exceptionally good.  I garnished the eggs with some chives and a pinch of cayenne and we savored our little feast while watching the sunny spring day unfold.

Happy Easter!


P.S. I still can’t flip an egg over without breaking the yolk, but it’s on my list to learn.