I’ve been dying to try two things that are new (to me) – compound butter and my shiny new potato ricer.  

To start, I made a compound butter that tasted so fresh and good on my riced potatoes.  After softening the butter, I  mixed in a teaspoon or so of lemon juice, a couple of drops of Boyajian pure lemon oil and a good dose of cracked black pepper.  Once it was thoroughly blended, I folded in some chives (first harvest  from my spring garden!!), shaped it in a little log and wrapped it to chill. 

Then came the fun of ricing potatoes.  I saw these in a photo on Christo’s blog, Chez What , several weeks ago and they stuck in my mind.  Last week I finally scored a nicely priced ricer (say that three times), and I had to try this at home.   It was everything I thought it would be!  I’m telling you, it was as fun as the play-dough factory I bought for my kids when they were 8-years-old.  Add to this, the potatoes are light as a feather and a perfect bed for the tangy butter pats.

This time, I vowed not to hold up the meal with my incessant photo-taking, so I plated and garnished things quietly in the kitchen before the guys even knew it was done.  Sadly, after about 2 clicks of the shutter, they were on to me, so I called out directions on ricing and garnishing while trying to grab the last of the natural light.  The whole episode reminded me of Cheryl Sternman’s post in her blog, 5 second rule , where she gives her humorous take on a New York Times article about ” . . . whether taking pictures of what you eat – all day, every day – teeters on the pathological.”   She lists the top 10 signs that you might have rounded that bend.    I was sort of guilty of #7.

I’d love to hear your humorous photography stories – and I know you have some.