Vacation is over, time to get back to my blog! 

 The last few weeks have been fun preparing for, and then enjoying, a treasured visit from my daughter & grandson.  Ideas were hatched, plans unfolded and the week was dubbed, “Camp Grandma.”  

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this post is photo heavy.  

First Root Beer Float (with organic ice cream and all natural soda, of course)

Remember loving something this much?

Two newly hatched kildeer in a grass nest with three eggs

Jessi & Noah on a three-hour tour of the lake

A visit to the Apple Trolley for a gourmet caramel apple. Yum!

Almost! (thanks, Uncle Ron)

Riding the electric scooter around the drive

One of the highlights of Camp Grandma was building a fairy house.  I discovered a fairy ring of mushrooms in the grass while mowing, which is caused from old tree fungus or something like that.  The much more fun explanation (and the one we decided could be true) is that they’re caused by fairies dancing in a circle at night.   We decided to build a little house to invite the fairies into the garden.  Noah was very excited about gathering materials from the woods for this construction project.  

We found big mounds of moss on the rocks and made a soft foundation.  

Making a fairy carpet

The driftwood came from boating trips on the lake and the birch bark strips from the woodpile.  Jessi & Noah finished it off with pine cones, grasses and rocks then placed a little gift inside.  Noah chose a heart-shaped bead and some tiny flowers.  

The Fairy House

Lean in, Noah . . . um nevermind.

Painted rock bugs for the garden

We had our daily greens

My windchime (a gift from Jessi) sums it up nicely


It was such a great week – the time flew by in a blur of fun.   So what do you remember about summer visits to Grandma’s house?