Lake dates – one of the best parts of summer.  Saturday was our first lake date this season due to a chilly June.  We were pretty excited to get out and enjoy the day and I packed a little picnic.   After a not-so-great start (which involved a failed launch followed by a trip to town for a new battery) we were finally off!

Wilson knows the routine well and was sitting on the dock patiently until he could hop in the boat and take his usual seat on the green cushion. 

At the north end of the lake, and near the mouth of the river,  is a waterfowl protection area.  We came upon two Golden Eagles – at least I think that’s what they were.  I managed to grab a shot of this guy and  I’m counting on my ornithologist friends to confirm this.  (you know who you are!)    There were other eagles and hawks as well, but these were HUGE!

We made our way up the river, enjoying more of  nature’s bounty.  When we found a sheltered inlet, we shut off the motor and drifted while we ate salmon spread on saltines with little wedges of sweet watermelon. 

These two Bald Eagles watched us as intently as we watched them.   Their nest was colossal.

This buck stopped to watch us pass, then went back to his munching.

A colony of Blue Herons live here

Bridges are always cooler from underneath.

I loved the beauty of the boater’s silhouette.

One of my favorite views of our little town at a gorgeous time of day.  

This was a perfect day and a splendid kick-off to the 2010 boating season!