Where is summer going?  Seriously, summer has rushed by in a blur of gardening, boating and  house guests; I have not taken time to sit at the computer any longer than necessary to check the weather, my email and to sporadically catch up on my blog reading.  Cooking has been pretty minimal, but the food is delicious and fresh.   The best part of July was a visit from my son, Aaron, and his friend, Charles.    Charlie is now an official member of my tribe.   Those crazy boys drove over 1,600 miles non-stop!  They left Texas on Saturday morning and got to Montana on Sunday morning.  I figured they’d be exhausted, but guess what?  Fishing trumps a nap any day.   After a quick breakfast of mango sausage, toast and yogurt with fresh berries, they were ready to go. 

In the first 24 hours, we were on the water 3 times and it was terrific to see the delight in their faces!  The rest of the week was spent running up and down the lake to my sister’s house and, of course, lots of fishing and feasting.  Aaron is a great cook and we always have fun in the kitchen.  Sadly, there was not enough trout for a fish fry, but I have a feeling they’ll be back next summer to try again!

I’m using a slide show in this post.  I know vacation slide shows can be pretty grim, so I’ll try to keep it short.  There is a shot of the best feast we had all week and it was at my little sister’s house.  She bought a whole (very choice) tenderloin, cubed it, added a simple rub then skewered and grilled it.  Oh my!    The veggies, fresh hot bread and cream puffs for dessert were just as amazing.  

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