When it comes to August weekends, we just can’t get enough outdoor time, so Friday night we hopped on the scooter and rode a few miles into the village for sushi at SakeTome.  The summer evening was spectacular and this was my view from the back as we hummed along the little back road into town. 

When we arrived, we sat outside on the small terrace and ordered our rolls.  The view is not terribly remarkable on their back deck, but the bands were starting up at the neighborhood bars, the weather was warm and perfect, the drinks were delicious and, since it’s just feet from the river, we enjoyed a bit of birdwatching.   Dana ordered his favorite – a “Long Hair Hippy”  which is an inside out roll filled with fried tofu, cucumber, avocado, carrot, green onion and cream cheese topped with seaweed salad.  I had a seaweed and squid salad for a starter and tried a delicious roll with spicy tuna, cucumber and mango inside topped with avocado and liger sauce.    Both were fabulous and I used little bits of the ginger to cleanse my palate so I’d get the full delight of each roll (because I asked and he shared – he’s good like that). 

I don’t know what liger sauce is, but it’s sweet, spicy and wonderful!   I chuckled remembering Napoleon Dynamite’s description of a liger, “. . . pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.” 


Now for my little surprise with an emphasis on little.  We adopted a new pet from the Humane Shelter on Thursday.   It was not planned, but a 5-year-old female rat terrier came up for adoption and my hairdresser mentioned her to me.  I told Dana and he immediately went to check on her.  Their adoption process is quite thorough, so it took a few days to get everything in place and get Wilson in for the “meet-and-greet.”   On Thursday we brought Miss Daisy home and she wasted no time getting to know the place.    Wilson has accepted the role of big brother pretty well considering how long he’s been the king of a one dog household.  The cat doesn’t seem to mind too much.  She’s taken up residence on the couch until all the hoohah blows over.   I seriously can’t believe we got another dog – but this little girl is so lucky to be one of Dana’s pets – I swear that man is a dog whisperer!