Autumn is one of my favorite times in Montana.  It’s one of the glorious shoulder seasons of summer when the tourists and snow birds have gone.  The town slows back down to a normal pace and the locals get to enjoy a little more elbow room.  Although tourism is very important to us, it’s nice when the season ends and we can enjoy this little slice of beauty before we get our coats out for a very long time

Everywhere you look is a jaw dropping scene that’s like a living greeting card.   Being a rookie photographer, I get bummed that I can’t effectively capture all this beauty;  but it’s sure fun to try.  The changing light is the best.   This was the view out my window this morning as the sun came up behind the house – the haze is mostly obscuring the mountains, but I loved the yellow glow.

My bonus son is a senior this year and plays on the local football team.  This was at the beginning of the game when the light was best for showing the mountains, but the score is not reflective of the game.  The local boys won decisively.  It was homecoming, and the excitment was infectious.

This is the time of year when the wild animals gorge themselves to prepare for winter.   A black bear has been hanging around the neighborhood eating all the fragrant ripe fruit he can lay his paws on.  We keep our garbage cans in the garage, empty the bird feeders and hope for a glimpse of the visitor .  My neighbor and friend, Debi, caught him munching on  choke-cherries the other day and sent this. 

We’ve had a very mild fall so the grass is still growing.  Luckily, mowing is one of my favorite things to do on a warm afternoon.   What’s not to like?  Warm sunshine, listening to my favorite music and buzzing around the yard under a brilliant blue sky. . . I’ve been heard to say that if I’d known how much fun it was to mow, I might have never had a boyfriend.   Look closely, Wilson is back there.  He walks behind me until he tires and then he watches me from the shade.  He’s protective.  Unless he sees something he has to chase.  Still, he comes bounding back when I whistle.

All finished mowing and we’re heading up the drive.  He hangs in there.

The garden is winding down.  Those of you that have read my blog for a while, might remember a post last spring where I expressed concern about the amount of leeks I put in.   Guess what?  I am truly “lousy with leeks“.