Yesterday we enjoyed the annual festival known as Tamarack Time, a harvest celebration in the village.  This event gets its name from the Tamarack, or Western Larch trees, which grow on the slopes surrounding the Flathead Valley.  Every year in late October, these trees put on quite a show when they change color from green to gold before dropping their needles.   It’s quite spectacular and this showy fall transition is a wonderful reason to get outside, soak in the beauty and mingle with the locals.  The Tamarack Time event takes place downtown in the village streets where anyone who desires can enter their special dish in one of the many categories.  After judging, the dishes are served to all the ticket holders who’ve plunked down their $4.00.  It’s a wonderful event and a great excuse to get out and enjoy the peak of the beautiful autumn weather.

The night before this year’s celebration, my friend Pattie suggested I enter my hot, green-tomato chow chow served on a cracker in the appetizer category.  Not able to think of a good reason to say no, I went for it.


I’ve never competed, and didn’t expect much, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out I’d placed second in my category!


Once the judging is over, the tables are open for sampling.

The volunteers dish out bite sized portions.

The entire town is decorated with corn stalks.

Dana enjoyed the cookie table.

Now that I’ve won one of these medals, I’ll be planning next years entry for months!

After Tamarack Time, we had friends Neal and Pattie over for Chile Rellanos.  I wish I had photos of this special meal, but I was having so much fun I didn’t get any great shots.  (sigh)  However, today’s adventure was photographed extensively, and will be shared soon.  Hint:  I was told to wear bright colors, bring a whistle, bear spray, safety goggles, a knife and a basket with a handle . . . that ought to bring you back.  😉