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Every year when we get that first hard frost, I go out and pick the garden clean.  The results are a little overwhelming and we do our best to eat, give away, can or dry the bounty.  When Karen from “Karen Cooks”  posted these delightful little jewels, I looked at my counter FULL of ripening tomatoes and broke out in a huge grin.  I couldn’t wait to try her recipe and ended up serving them to some good friends who came over to help fold origami for a project.  They were perfect with little toasts, slices of dry salami, thin slices of aged Romano cheese and wine (or beer). 

Hands down, this is one of the most perfect ways I’ve ever found to use  up some of that end-of-season, giant heap of tomatoes.  It’s simple and delicious which is a perfect combination, don’t you think?

The first batch went away so fast, I had to make another.  This time I made two pans and added rosemary leaves to one of them.  I’m also swimming in herbs, so everything but oatmeal gets an herb garnish.   The prep was easy.  My little Juliette tomatoes are pretty small, so I sliced the ends off and halved them lengthwise.  Next I laid them in a baking dish on parchment paper, cut side up.   To finish, I drizzled a little olive oil over them, added a sprinkle of sea salt, fresh ground pepper and some (optional) fresh rosemary.  

Bake them at 300º for about 3 hours.  Check them and, if necessary, cook them a little longer until they’ve lost their juiciness.  The ones that were still a little juicy were delicious, too, though the chewy ones were my favorites.  Seriously, this is like a plate of grown-up candy. 

 I love to add a good recipe to my database.  Thank you, Karen; this is one of the best finds ever!