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When live gives you lemons, I hope they’re Meyers.

Dana got back from a California trip last week and he brought home a big string bag full of delicious Meyer Lemons he’d picked the day before.   My hubby knows how to make his gal smile and  I was giddy about this gift.

I’d never even heard of a Meyer Lemon until I went to my first farmer’s market in California.  They’re a delectable little soft-skinned lemon with orangey yellow fruit.  They’re not as tart as the bright yellow Eureka lemons that get shipped all over the country and they taste somewhat like a lemon crossed with an orange.   I love both types, but Meyers are harder to come by so they are such a treat.  I cut one up and added a slice to my cup of tea while I pondered those lovely lemons trying to decide what to do with them. 

First I made some Limoncello because we’re almost out of the batch I made for Christmas.  I heard from our chef brother-in-law that these make a superb limoncello, so I’m excited to try this after they steep for a few weeks.    That only used 9 lemons which left me with 9 naked lemons. .   

 These were squeezed into two full cups of juice.  It’s sitting pretty in my fridge – ready for a lemon vinaigrette dressing, Meyer lemon syrup or maybe I’ll freeze some cubes to use this summer.   

Next I made a batch of marmalade using this recipe  from Simply Recipes.  I used the 4 cup option.  That was 8 more lemons.   I used organic sugar with this recipe and had trouble getting the sugar to reach the stage described.  I think it got a little too done and , coupled with the naturally amber color of the organic sugar, made the maralade look pretty dark.  Still, it’s sweet and tangy and I look forward to tasting it on a hot biscuit or English muffin.  I’ll force a jar on friends and they’ll tell me it’s divine – that’s what friends, do (right)?   

The last 8 lemons are going to be used for Moroccan Preserved Lemons.  I think I want to try this recipe from David Leibovitz or  this one from Epicurious.  Meanwhile, we have the last batch of limoncello to sip while we look out at the snow and dream of spring.