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As always, the sun comes out up here and sitting at the computer turns into something you used to do when you couldn’t play outside.  Here are a few pictures to prove that I’m not just slacking . . .

This delicious salad is simply sautéed shrimp over avocado quarters which is then covered with a fresh mango relish.  The relish has diced mango, red pepper, jalapeno, sweet Vidalia onion and cilantro gently stirred with a drizzle of olive oil and lime.   It incorporates the three F’s of summer food –  fresh, fast and fabulous!

Another easy salad we’ve enjoyed is made with cold salmon chunks on a bed of freshly picked arugula, avocado and cucumbers and then drizzled with a fruity vinaigrette.

Summer is breathtaking up here, wondrous things start popping out of the ground and incredible wildlife appears in our backyard.  It’s nothing to see a Bald Eagle or an Osprey with a talon-clenched fish fly over your house or your car on the way to work.  Two of my neighbors have had black bears in their yard!  I believe pictures say it better than I can, so I’m adding a little slide show.

Happy Summer everybody.  I’ll try not to stay away, but I can’t make any promises.  (I’m still reading your blogs, though, so I’m keeping up)

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